A brief history of the ICOG

International Centre for Ocean Governance (ICOG) is established as a cooperative research centre by the joint initiative of Department of Oceanography at the University of Dhaka and School of Law, University of Western Sydney, Australia on 27th March 2017

ICOG is the first research centre of its kind in Bangladesh. It can play a crucial role to achieve on the ground change, securing protection for the Bay of Bengal environment and the economic and social sustainability of all actors in the region. It can use its resources to build and enhance resource capacity of the Government of Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Kawser Ahmed

International Centre for Ocean Governance (ICOG)

Message from the Director

After the delimitation of maritime boundary with Myanmar in 2012 and with India in 2014 the authority of University of Dhaka came forward to establish the Department of Oceanography in 2012 and the International Centre for Ocean Governance (ICOG) in 2017. We has started the capacity enhancement in oceanographic sector especially for the young faculty members and students through continuous training, workshop, seminars and exchange of visits. ICOG has started participating in number of cruises as a part of the International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) in the Bay of Bengal from 2016 having joint research collaboration with the Department of Oceanography of Dhaka University using Bangladesh Navy ships. Efforts are being taken continuously to have research collaboration with other universities and research institutes in home and abroad. We have already signed MoU with many reputed universities and research organizations all over the world to train our young scientists in order to build the skilled manpower in oceanographic sector who would be the driving force for the blue economic growth of Bangladesh.

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